Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kg.Tekek is the most important village on the island.Here is the jetty, coming from Mersing or Singapore,and the airport is there.Near the jetty is a row of food stalls beside road,selling mainly local dishes like nasi lemak,roti canai,fried rice and drinks.
Over a bridge there is  a 2-storey building selling sourvenirs and more food and to the left of this is the Airport.Just a stones throws from the bridge is also the islands only clinic.
From the clinic,the road leads all the way to the upmarket Berjaya Resort with its own private beach and golf course.But for those of you who prefer a cheeper Chalet or room.There are a number of small resort and hotels on the way.
There are also a few Chinese Seafood Restaurants on the way to Berjaya Resort,towards the southern end of Kg.Tekek.Otherwise,there is always the resort & restaurant.
Just outside Persona Island Resort in Kg.Tekek, there is a ' Cheers ' sourvenirs shop,which sells films,sourvenirs,drinks and insect repellent if required
May also rent bicycle at RM25.00/ or RM5.00 per.hour and motobike for RM85.00 or RM15.00 per.hour.There is an internet cafe just down the road from cheers sourvenir shop.Snooker nearby
Persona Island Resort beside Cheers sourvenir shop.

Lapangan Terbang Kg.Tekek
Pulau Tioman,nampakkan, untuk disewa
Jeti Kg.Tekek

Shuttle Berjaya Resort - pick up dari airport

Gambar-gambar disekitar Jeti & pantai Kg.Tekek..jom lihat.......

sea taxi
kedai makan & kedai sourvenir depan jeti Kg.Tekek

Riverside cafe tepi Jeti Kg.Tekek

Duty Free Kg.Tekek

taman laut.......
dari airport menuju ke resort masing-masing................

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